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Osteopathy offers treatment of muscle, tendons, ligaments and joints of your animals. Whether an injury has occurred or the signs of aging have caught up with them.


Gentle assessment of movement, strength and function are carried out by firstly taking a case history, then watching your pet move around freely, followed by a static, hands on assessment. Treatment involves gentle massage, articulation and movement of the symptomatic or related areas. By reducing the tension or pain they have will make for a more comfortable and desirable recovery from injury or enable them to manage any ongoing issues with greater ease.


I will always contact your vet and ask their consent before coming to see your pet. I will  also ask the vet for a detailed history of any previous assessment, x-ray, medication, etc so I have all the details before visiting. 


Treatment Cost:

£65 Horses

£45 Dogs

£35 Cats


I will visit your pet at their home for their treatment. If this is over the 5 mile radius of Hemel Hempstead then a £5 travel fee will be added.


Why not ask your vet if osteopathy can help your pet or give me a call on 07734 294964 or email and we can talk through your pet’s problem. 


 Please do not book online as I have specific animal treatment days and must speak 

 to your vet before you attend.


"Shelley has excellent therapeutic techniques and a calm reassuring manner that has always put my dogs at ease, to the point where some just go to sleep during their treatment!


In my opinion she provides excellent value for money and the peace of mind that I have done the best thing for my dogs. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Map of 5 mile radius for home visits

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