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Whether you are visiting me due to an injury from an accident, lifting/carrying incorrectly, sporting activity, poor posture or occupation related strains. I can offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment for your musculoskeletal problems. Often I see people for low back ache, neck stiffness, knee pain, restricted shoulder movement, in fact any part of the body osteopathy can offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment for. Occasionally referral to another profession or consultant is needed and I can provide a detailed letter describing my findings to help with your onward treatment.


A typical consultation will involve; 

  • Detailed medical case history

  • Standing/active assessment

  • Lying on the couch/passive assessment

  • Discussion of findings

  • Hands on treatment

  • Giving exercises if indicated


When visiting please wear comfortable, loose clothing. During assessment and treatment it will be necessary to see the symptomatic area and therefore you may need to remove some items of clothing. You will never be asked to remove underwear.



Treatment cost: £60.00 for new patients. £50.00 for follow up appointments.

Treatment time: 30 minutes. Please allow 40 minutes to give time for dressing and rebooking.

Opening times: The clinic is open Mon to Fri 9.30am - 2.30pm 

Occasionally evening and Saturday morning appointments can be offered.

Payment: Payment is by BAC transfer, cash or cheque.

If you have a health insurance company paying for your treatment please bring your membership and authorisation code to your first appointment. 

Clinic Address: SPACES, The Maylands Building, Spring Way, Hemel Hempstead

Click here to see a map for directions. For Sat Navs, use Spring Way, Hemel Hempstead.


There is 90 minutes free visitor parking at the front and the side of the building. If the parking spaces at the front of the building are full then follow the road around to the left, NOT the underground parking but follow the building around. There are 20 visitor parking bays in the first row, on the left hand side. Once parked please come inside and go to the reception desk. Let reception know you are here to see the Osteopath and they will give you a free parking permit to put it in your car windscreen. Come back in, take a seat near the café, I will come out to meet you and take you to the treatment room.


"I can honestly say I don’t know what I’d do without Shelley. She has enabled me to carry on doing the things I want to do without having complete knee surgery amongst other things. A complete professional lady that puts you at ease. I can’t thank her enough for looking after me all these years."